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Local Markets of Amritsar
The old city bazaar: As you wander through the narrow alleys of the old city lined with crumbling haveli s (traditional ornately decorated residences) and other heritage buildings you'll see stalls selling everything from roasted sweet potatoes to jootis (colourful Punjabi slippers - traditional, often pointy-toed, footwear) to handicrafts like phulkari (traditional embroidery), lacquered woodwork, jewelry, Patiala salwar (the traditional Indian garments with a Punjabi twist in design).

Katra Jaimal Singh:  This bazaar is full of textiles and saris. The sari and fabric shops here are a textile lover’s delight, which provides silky-smooth synthetics to the finest silks and wools. The market is also famous for beautifully designed handicrafts such as Phulkari, jewelry and woodwork goods etc.

Guru bazaar: This bazaar is famous for its intricately-designed gold ornaments. Traditional Indian jewellery called 'jadau' can be purchase from the jewellery shops here. The city was also a favourite spot for chess pieces, which were carved from ivory and exported to Britain. Chess pieces are now made from sandalwood and rosewood here.
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