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Desert Camps in India

Rajasthan, home to the golden sand dunes, is the state with the largest number of forts and palaces in the world. Natives of this beautiful desert state are great entertainers with their impeccable hospitality, folk music, cultural dances, colourful dresses, decorated camel and elephant rides, making Rajasthan one of the top ranking tourist destinations of India!

Desert camps have always been an important part of the lifestyle of Maharaja’s of Rajasthan. For the erstwhile rulers, campaigning in distant lands meant long stays in camps under inhospitable conditions. During wars or expeditions, camps were the only luxury available and soon these “homes away from home” evolved into mobile, mini-palaces.

Today, Rajasthan offers a wonderful selection of desert camps. Travelite (India) introduces you to some of the finest camp resorts in the deserts of Rajasthan. There is something to suit every budget, so let us know your preferences and we will create the ideal nomadic holiday for you.

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