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2. Heal Your Mind Now
Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights

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Place: Devi Garh, India

Travelite (India) & Mystic-Asia invite you to a journey within your inner world, discovering your inner silence and healing your mind, body and soul. Through the divine sciences of Yoga, Meditation and Vedantic principles, we take you to the still and calm surrounds of Rajasthan’s most romantic city, Udaipur. Stay at the luxurious Devigarh Fort Palace and learn how to HYMN.

Welcome aboard our SOUL MANTRA journeys (escorted small group tours) and enrich your senses through an extraordinary experience of Spiritual Healing and Holistic Wellbeing.

Our Accompanying Professional Expert...

During your journey, you will be accompanied by our Yoga & Meditation Expert, Mala Barua of Mystic - Asia, who is a teacher of Inner Silence Meditation. She also teaches Dhyan (Mindful Yoga) and Tai Chi which she learnt during her years in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Dedicated to bringing the rich spiritual heritage of her beloved country, India, to the modern world she combines luxury travel with wellness and holistic teachings to enhance the travellers outer journey with inner wisdom.

Her own journey is under the guidance of Swami Anubhavananda, a teacher of Vedanta. She is also a freelance travel writer for Vogue India, Travel+Leisure, Asiaspa and Condenast Traveller.

Day 1

Arrive Udaipur, Drive to Devigarh

Today, arrive at Udaipur and embark on a short drive to the luxurious Devigarh Fort Palace. Upon arrival, check in and freshen up. Meet your wellness expert, Mala Barua, and familiarize yourself with the surrounds of this beautiful fort palace.

At Devigarh Fort Palace, you may opt to relax at the Devi Spa by L’Occitane (at supplement charge).

Day 2

Day in Devigarh

We start our HYMN journey learning about ‘Awareness of the Body’, the five senses, and experiencing the introversion of the senses. The five layers of the body (Pancha Koshas) will be explained. Learn how to mindfully experience each part of the body and the associated feelings through the technique of Yoga Nidra.

Away from the city, the scenic beauty of Devigarh is enjoyed best at leisure. Today we enjoy a bicycle ride to spend time with nature and explore the surrounds of Devigarh Fort.

At Devigarh Fort Palace, you may opt to relax at the Devi Spa by L’Occitane (at supplement charge).

Day 3

Day Excursion to Udaipur

Today we learn about ‘Awareness of the Breath’. Breath, being the link between the mind and the body - it is important to understand the role of the breath in healing. Pranayam exercises will be introduced to increase awareness and catharsis.

We take a day excursion to explore the romantic lake city of Udaipur. We visit the City Palace, one of the largest palace complex in Rajasthan; Saheliyon-Ki-Bari, garden of the maids of honour; Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandir, a folklore museum and Jagdish Temple. Also enjoy a boat cruise on the serene lake Pichola, before returning back to Devigarh.

At Devigarh Fort Palace, you may opt to relax at the Devi Spa by L’Occitane (at supplement charge).

Day 4

Day in Devigarh

Today we learn about ‘Awareness of the Mind’. Through guided meditation, Mala will take you on an inward journey to bring you face to face with your mind and your Chidakash. Mindfulness techniques will be used to help you to distance yourself from the thoughts and increase your witnessing power.

We visit a nearby Rajasthani village and its ancient Jain Temples. Our village walk provides a relaxing change with a unique opportunity to learn about rural life in Rajasthan. To explore the village, you will have a landscape map of the area. It is a good way to explore the village on your own and enjoy its colours and unique customs. Interact with the villagers who are known for their warm and affectionate nature.

At Devigarh Fort Palace, you may opt to relax at the Devi Spa by L’Occitane (at supplement charge).

Day 5

Day in Devigarh

Today we learn about ‘Awareness of Thoughts’. Through the Inner Silence (Antar Mauna) meditation Mala will create a platform for you to address your innermost thought and feelings - thoughts that could arise not just from your conscious mind but also from your subconscious and your unconscious.

We take a jeep safari and travel the rugged paths inland to explore the unexplored regions of Rajasthan. Your jeeps traverse winding roads, surrounding Aravali hills and stop at local villages enroute fro exciting and unique rural encounters.

At Devigarh Fort Palace, you may opt to relax at the Devi Spa by L’Occitane (at supplement charge).

Day 6


On our final day, we learn about ‘Understanding our Suffering’. Mala will explain how suffering is created and how we can learn to alleviate it. Understanding the Buddhist concept of “Emptiness” is part of this process. The programme will end with sharing our experiences.

Later this morning, we bid adieu to Devigarh and transfer back to Udaipur airport to board our flights for onward journey.

The Venue: Devigarh Fort Palace

Nestled in the Aravali hills, the 18th century Devi Garh Fort Palace in the village of Delwara, forms one of the three main passes into the valley of Udaipur. Devi Garh Fort Palace was opened to visitors after years of restoration and rebuilding. The Fort Palace was conceived as a place where the past meets the future. This all suite luxury hotel with an emphasis on design and detail, uses local marbles and semi-precious stones to build its aesthetics. The contemporary design showcased within this spectacular fort palace is well complemented by personalized and intimate service, creating memories you will cherish. The spa at Devigarh - Devi Spa by L’Occitane is worth a visit to relax and unwind in the still and calm surrounds of this extraordinary fort palace.

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