Mumbai is the city of dreams. The financial capital of India, it is also the primary center for the entertainment industry. A population that comes from diverse ethnic backgrounds and speaks over a dozen languages, adds colour, flavour and vibrance to cultural exuberance of Mumbai.

Tourist Attraction

Gateway of India

Gateway of India is the principal landmark of Mumbai and thronged by thousands of visitors everyday. A conventional Arch of Triumph, Gateway of India was conceived after the visit of King George V to India in 1911 and officially opened in the year 1924. Architecturally its designs have been derived from the 16th century Muslim styles of Gujarat. Built in yellow basalt, the gateway stands on the Apollo Bunder, and is Mumbai’s most famous landmark.

Marine Drive

Officially called Netaji Subhash Road, Marine Drive was built on land reclaimed in 1920. Marine Drive runs along the shoreline of the bay, starting at Nariman Point, passing Chowpatty Beach and runs up to Malabar Hill. One of Mumbai's most famous attraction, Marine Drive is backed with the high rising buildings and provides fascinating views of the city’s skyline.

Jain Temple

Built in 1904, this marble temple is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar, Adinath. The temple is constructed along the lines of a typical modern Jain temple, i.e. mirrored style. The walls of the temple are elegantly decorated with images of incidents in the lives of the Tirthankars.

Mahalaxmi Temple

The oldest temple in Mumbai, the Mahalaxmi temple is dedicated to the goddess of wealth. Mahalaxmi temple houses the images of goddess and her two sisters, which are said to have been found in the sea.

Prince of Wales Museum

Prince of Wales Museum is an impressive colonial building surrounded by a huge garden. The museum was built in 1905 to commemorate King George V's first visit to India. The first part of this museum was opened in the year 1914. Prince of Wales Museum houses archaeological findings dating back to 2,000 BC from the Indus Valley Civilisation and has a fine collection of Indian art and artifacts from across the country.

Mani Bhawan

Mani Bhawan is the building where Mahatma Gandhi lived between 1917 and 1934 and today has been converted into a museum. Located near the August Kranti Maidan, the museum secures a large collection of Mahatma Gandhi's books, photographs and personal belongings.

Elephanta Caves

A short ferry ride from Mumbai harbour takes you to the Elephanta Island, home to 7th century rock-cut temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Elephanta caves are located two-third of the way up two hillocks, at the centre of the island. Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the main central cave houses the Maheshamurti, a three-headed sculpture of Shiva resplendent in all his forms namely the creator, preserver and destroyer. The caves also feature delicately-carved panels depicting the life of Lord Shiva.

Unique Experience

Film City of Mumbai

Come to Mumbai to see the Famous Bollywood Charms. Bollywood is the world's largest film industry and was named after the city of the Hindi film Industry- Bombay (now Mumbai). If you are lucky and with some pre-planning you may be able to watch a film shoot at Bollywood studio in Mumbai!

Shoppers Paradise

Visit Mumbai to shop and drop! The city offers a wide choice to suit all pockets. For budget shoppers Fashion Street and Colaba Causeway are ideal locations, whilst the city also boosts of grand shopping malls housing designer wear from leading national and international designers. If glitzy glamorous Bollywood outfits is what you fancy, Mumbai is the place to explore!

The Night Is Forever Young

Famous all over the world for its eclectic nightlife, Mumbai comes to life after midnight! Youngsters partying out on the streets, night clubs playing the latest hip-hop, Bollywood tunes in the air, friends chatting over a cup of tea, chaotic traffic, street vendors busy in their selling their wares – come and experience midnight in Mumbai!

Festive Celebrations During Ganesh Chaturthi

Visit Mumbai during the Month of October to November, when the Celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri are in full swing. Lord Ganesha 'The God of Wisdom' is the popular deity in Maharashtra and his 11-day festival Ganesh Chaturthi is a time when Mumbai is full of life and colour. All across the city beautiful sculpted idols of the elephant headed god are worshipped with dance, music and lots of festive food!

Stroll down Marine Drive

Discover the real Mumbai, strolling down the famous Marine drive. Popularly called ‘the Queens necklace’, marine drive is where the heart of Mumbai beats. To experience the culture of this city, Marine drive is where you need to be!

National Centre For Performing Arts

Located at the central Nariman point, the National Centre for Performing Arts has a regular schedule of theatre music and performing arts. If art and music interest you, this is the place to be! You get the opportunity to appreciate an eclectic mix of pan-Indian arts.

Heritage Walk in Mumbai

Take a guided heritage walk of Mumbai, appreciating the city’s history and architecture. Walk around the throbbing Kala Ghoda Art District, meander through the sleepy by-lanes of old Colaba, stroll down the age old historic Dockyard Road, visit the splendid University Campus, enjoy the arcaded bazaars along the Victorian style D.N. Road and soak in the legends at the ancient Banganga Tank Complex...this and lots more in a guided heritage walk of Mumbai!

Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat meaning ‘washing banks’ is the place where hundreds of men and women are engaged in the business of open air manual laundrettes bashing and washing thousands of Mumbai’s dirties, without any mix ups! The unusual sight is fascinating to watch and unbelievable to comprehend the expanse of this industry and the accuracy with which clothes are collected, washed and returned without any bar coding, electronic records or any form of sophisticated, systemized structure! This is where you get a real feel for the Mumbai of Slumdog Millionaires!

Local Markets

Chor Bazaar

This is Mumbai’s famous thieves market where bargain hungry tourists rummage for Ming vases and Muranos at throwaway prices. The main venue is Motton street which is flanked by small antique shops that look like musty  attics and sell just about everything from grandfathers clocks, gramophones to crystal chandeliers and English tea sets. Visit for a genuine Collection of Antiques, Jewelery, Wooden Articles, Leather Wear and General Bric-a-Brac.

Zaveri Bazaar

Zaveri Bazaar of Mumbai is famous for its beautiful silver jewelery and belts. Things made of silver like napkin rings, picture frames in old silver and boxes are other things that can be bought from this market. But, just be careful about the prices and do not forget to bargain!!!

Fashion Street

Readymade garments are Mumbai’s main exports and the surplus of it lands up on Fashion street! A huddle of shops on Mahatma Gandhi Road selling seconds and export surplus at a fraction of the cost, Fashion street is popular with locals and tourists alike. Haggling is the fun of shopping here, where you start at half the quoted price and work your way upwards. Most of the stuff is good, but an odd one will have a missing button, so watch out!


Situated in the heart of south Mumbai, Colaba and Flora Fountain also known as the Hutatama Chowk are flooded with shops of all kinds. Here you can buy shoes, cotton clothes, Kaftans, books and ethnic artefacts.


The so called 'Queen of Suburbs' - Bandra, is one of the most posh suburbs of Mumbai. Extravagant showrooms, small street shops and local boutiques adorn Bandra, where you can shop for possibly anything and everything. Good quality and affordable prices allow a great shopping experience, but don’t go looking for cheap bargains!

Eating Out

Copper Chimney :  More than 20 year old restaurant located in Worli, Mumbai, Copper Chimney is famous for its mouth watering kebabs. From Reshmi Kebab (chicken) to the Jhinga Nisha (prawn) and Tandoori Prawn Kebabs, you will find a huge variety of Kababs believed to be the best in Mumbai! 

Trishna:  Trishna is the place to be for seafood lovers in Mumbai. An old favourite with locals, Trishna is always crowded so reservations are essential.

Gajalee :  Gajalee is the leading sea food restaurant in Mumbai. The only restaurant in India to bag the prestigious International award - “The Best Authentic Coastal Sea Food in town” it serves some mouth watering coastal delicacies and seafood recipes.

Leopold Café :  Located in Colaba, Mumbai Leopold Café offers Chinese, Indian and continental food - tandoori and Irani dishes are particularly good. Famous with the tourists it very well caters to Western tastes by providing items like cereals, eggs and toast, fish and chips, and club sandwiches.

The Woodside Inn : Located in Colaba, Mumbai, Woodside Inn is a famous hang out with youngsters of Mumbai. The ambiance is very relaxing and the decor matches an English country side pub. On the menu are some mouth watering Sariska Chicken, stuffed mushrooms and a host of pastas and salads.

Kareem’s : Sink your molars into the lip-smacking boti kebabs and tangdi kebabs at Kareem’s - the Mughlai major renowned as the King of Kebabs in Mumbai. 

Khau Gallis Of Mumbai :  Legendary fast food lanes of Mumbai – ‘Khau Galli’ lanes lined by food stalls laid with freshly cooked cuisines, is a hot favourite with locals in Mumbai. There are three Khau Gallies in Mumbai one at Zaveri Road, another at Mohammad Ali Road and the third is at Churchgate.

Must Try

  • Bhel – Puri (A Snack Puffed of Rice, Crisp Noodles, Chutney and Chillies),
  • Pao - Bhaji (Hot Bun Eaten with Spicy Potato)