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Bethsaida Hermitage - Package Detail

Bethsaida Hermitage

Pulinkudy, Mulloor, Trivandrum

Bethsaida Hermitage lies directly on the coast in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Known as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala boasts the highest literacy rate in the whole of India and is home to lush greenery, beautiful beaches, rich culture and more coconuts than you can shake a stick at!

Bethsaida Hermitage offers several different styles of accommodation, and each comes with a unique design and feel. All rooms come with European bathroom, local Kerala furniture and a large, airy bedroom and living area as standard. Everything you will see in your room has been designed and made by local craftsmen with creative genius and local traditional skills.

The rooms have been designed in a simple and tasteful manner with the aim of giving our guests a real taste of Kerala living whilst maintaining all modern, western conveniences. The positioning of the rooms is such that everyone has direct access to the beach and lush grounds and all guests and staff can hear the ocean wherever they are on the property.

SEAVIEW ROOMS: are spacious and airy, each with their own carefully tended garden and lovely view of the ocean, beach and grounds. Sitting out on your patio for sunset is a truly wonderful experience here.

MODERN KERALA COTTAGES : each have their own cosy and open sea view garden with quaint but large living and sleeping areas. These cottages have special open air bathrooms, so bathroom time is spent in nature. Nestled in amongst palm trees on a small hill and situated close to the water’s edge, you really get the sense of being at one with nature.

MODERN KERALA HOUSES : each have their own raised and private veranda where you can sit, sunbathe and watch the sun come up and go down. They have partially exposed bathrooms and large living and bedroom areas.

WOODEN KERALA HOUSES: are built using intricately carved wooden paneling and are traditional to this area of Kerala. Your view of the sea from inside and outside your room is breathtaking. These houses have a small domestic area which comes off the main bedroom.

KOTTARAM HOUSE : is a special hexagonal building with a double tiered, self-ventilating roof system. It has a large bedroom and living area with extra storage and also has a bath as well as the standard bathroom features. With its own veranda that wraps around the circumference of the building, this room has an imposing position above the beach and grounds, making you feel that you’re on top of the world.

SPECIAL KERALA HUT : is a traditional type building with octagonal shape, having an open air bathroom with coconut leaves at the top for natural cooling.

Getting here has become very easy with many airlines flying to Trivandrum International airport which is located 18km away from the Hermitage. A 30 minute taxi ride is all it takes to get you here once you’ve landed.

The menu here offers a range of traditional Indian, and especially Keralan, dishes, giving guests a huge choice of flavours to sample. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are plucked straight from the hermitage’s very own gardens whenever possible and daily fish and seafood catch comes directly from the fishermen based on the hermitage’s beach. You will often hear them pulling in the heavy nets with their rhythmic chanting, so they can sell the fish to the chef who then cooks it for you. It’s a pretty special experience to watch the fishermen working to bring in your dinner!

The hermitage offers regular entertainment nights at the restaurant which include various traditional Keralan performances by local dancers and musicians. These nights are colourful, playful and usually give us an insight into the many cultural customs of the area.

Ayurveda differs from every day medicine as each client is looked at in their physical and emotional state before any kind of treatment is given. The hermitage’s Ayurvedic Doctor will prescribe a programme of treatment for the client given their symptoms and circumstances. Programmes can be tailor made to any length of time and clients will be fully supported by a special ayurvedic diet which also forms a significant part of the healing process.

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