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The Deccan Odyssey - Indian Sojourn - Package Detail

The Deccan Odyssey - Indian Sojourn

Route : Mumbai Vadodara Udaipur Jodhpur Agra Sawai Madhopur Jaipur Delhi
Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Saturday - Board the Deccan Odyssey at Mumbai - on to Vadodara

Welcome aboard the Deccan Odyssey.

Early this evening at approximately 15.30 hrs, gather at the Chhatrapati Shivaji to complete the registration process and check in formalities for your Indian Sojourn rail journey. Once done, receive a traditional Indian welcome and enjoy a refreshing drink.

You will then be guided to your charming cabins. As you settle in, the Deccan Odyssey will begin its journey from Mumbai to Vadodara.

Welcome drink and dinner on board.

Overnight on board the Deccan Odyssey.

Day 2

Sunday - Vadodra

Arrive at the capital of the Gaekwads, Vadodara, which is situated along the Vishwamitri river.

Post breakfast proceed to visit Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park. This famous UNESCO World Heritage site is the only complete and untouched pre-Mughal Islamic city of India. Witness its impressive landscape, which consists of unexcavated archaeological, historic and living cultural heritage. Explore the Jama Masjid (Great Mosque) built in 1513. It represents a seamless blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture, which later became a model for mosque architecture in India.

Drive back to Vadodara for a nice lunch on board the Deccan Odyssey.

After lunch, head to the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, originally built as a school for the Maharaja's children. Art lovers will especially love this place! You can view a varied range of art displayed in the museum, including a collection of the Raja Ravi Varma's paintings, along with other renowned European Masters and a collection of sculptures in bronze and marble.

At the resplendent Lukshmi Villas Palace, enjoy high tea with your fellow travelers. Built in 1890, this palace is the residence of the Royal family even today.

Renowned for being four times the size of Buckingham Palace, its awe-inspiring Durbar hall boasts of a Venetian mosaic floor, Belgian stained glass windows and walls with elaborate mosaic decorations. The palace is also home to an extraordinary collection of Fellici's old armory and sculptures in bronze, marble & terracotta. Relish delicacies from the Royal kitchen, and witness a folk performance of the region.

Enjoy dinner aboard the Deccan Odyssey as it departs for Udaipur.

Breakfast and lunch on board, high tea at Lukshmi Villas Palace and dinner on board.

Overnight on board the Deccan Odyssey.

Day 3

Monday - Udaipur

The Deccan Odyssey will reach Udaipur in the morning. Known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur is easily one of the most romantic cities of India. Located on the shores of the placid Lake Pichola, it is surrounded by scenic hills. Enjoy breakfast as you take in the striking landscape of the Aravali hills.

You will then disembark to visit the famous City Palace. It's the largest palace complex in Rajasthan, and features fretted balconies, scalloped arches and cupolas, which also houses the impressive Crystal gallery. Complete the tour of this magnificent city with a boat cruise on the tranquil waters of Lake Pichola.

Return to the Deccan Odyssey for lunch.

Later get on a walking tour through the Old City of Udaipur. Shop and explore the brilliant variety of handicrafts ranging from puppets, handmade papers, wall hangings, toys, cloth lanterns, jewellery, paintings, painted wooden boxes, pottery, and terracotta sculptures.

Return to Deccan Odyssey for a relaxed evening, and enjoy dinner as we depart for Jodhpur.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on board.

Overnight on board the Deccan Odyssey.

Day 4

Tuesday - Jodhpur

This morning, the Deccan Odyssey will traverse through the stronghold of the Marwar region. Enjoy breakfast aboard, and take in the striking scenery of the Thar Desert, as you arrive at Jodhpur.

Enjoy your morning exploring the Deccan Odyssey, or unwind at the in-house spa.

If you wish to explore the outdoors, you can visit the community villages that belong to weavers, potters and the Bishnoi tribe. The Bishnois, indigenous to India, live close to the earth, and follow 29 principles laid down by their spiritual guide, 540 years ago. The Bishnoi have dedicated their lives to protecting nature and ensure a healthy eco-friendly social life for the community. Walk through the village and you'll get a glimpse of the Bishnoi way of living-their traditions and skills passed down through generations.

Lunch on board the Deccan Odyssey.

Post lunch, set out to explore the wonderful Jodhpur city. Ever wondered why it's also called the Blue City? Well, it takes the name from the vibrant blue-painted houses that surround the Mehrangarh fort. The setting of this city is akin to a pearl amidst the stark desert. Make the most of your time here by witnessing the finest architecture from the Rajput era, which is famed for numerous forts and palaces.

Experience the lives of the local residents as you walk though this fascinating city. Make sure to visit the lively Old Clock Tower market, and en-route discover charming old havelis and houses. Then head to the pride of Jodhpur - the Mehrangarh fort. Discover expansive courtyards and intricate carvings that adorn this architectural marvel. Also, the amazing view of palanquins, paintings, costumes, arms, and the arts and crafts of a bygone era at the museum must not be missed!

Later in the evening, indulge in a variety of sumptuous Marwar barbecue delights. This will be served in the Mehrangarh fort complex, which offers wonderful cityscape from atop.

Return to the Deccan Odyssey and head to yet another magical destination - Agra.

Breakfast and lunch on board, barbeque at Mehrangarh fort.

Overnight on board the Deccan Odyssey.

Day 5

Wednesday - Agra

Arrive in Agra, and get ready to be charmed instantly. This city is also a testimony to the greatness of the Mughal dynasty. After a leisurely breakfast on board, head out to explore the most admired and world renowned Indian architectural marvel - the Taj Mahal. Built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a gift of love to his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, it certainly deserves every bit of admiration it gets. The construction of this colossal monument is as much a fable as the edifice itself. It is believed that nearly 20,000 men were employed for 22 years to build this unparalleled mausoleum. Furthermore, exquisite white marble was brought from 200 miles away by caravans of elephants and camels.

Proceed for lunch at a city hotel.

After lunch, continue your tour of Agra. Next on the must-visit list is Itmad-ud-Daulah. This stunning marble mausoleum was built by Nur Jahan, the wife of Emperor Jahangir, in memory of her father, Ghiyas Beg. Also known as the 'Baby Taj', it is brilliantly adorned with white marble, mosaic and lattice.

When in Agra, a trip to the Agra fort should not be missed. This is yet another terrific example of Mughal architecture. The present structure owes its origins to Emperor Akbar who had its first buildings of red sandstone erected on the eastern bank of the river Yamuna. Later, the remarkable marbled private quarters and the mosque were added to the structure by his grandson Shah Jahan, while the outer ramparts were included by Aurangzeb. Do visit to the Diwan-e-Am, 'Hall of Public Audience' and the Royal Pavilions while you're here.

During your leisure time, grab the opportunity to visit the local markets to admire the exquisite Pietra Dura (marble inlay) artefacts and Mughal ornaments. Additionally, you have the option to avail the spa facilities before completing your tour of Agra.

Return to the Deccan Odyssey later in the evening for dinner, and begin your journey to Sawai Madhopur.

Breakfast on board, lunch at a city hotel and dinner on board.

Overnight on board the Deccan Odyssey.

Day 6

Thursday - Sawai Madhopur – Ranthambore National Park

Situated in Rajasthan, Sawai Madhopur is the alight point for the celebrated Ranthambore National Park. This place is bears testimony to India's constant efforts towards tiger conservation. The park is one of the best tiger reserves of India, and the perfect spot to view majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Enjoy an early morning breakfast before you set out for your game drive.

In addition to tigers, Ranthambore is home to many other species of animals. This includes herds of Chital and Sambhar deer, wild board, Nilgai antelopes, chinkara gazelles, sloth bears, along with a few leopards and crocodiles. Extensive bird life . such as jungle fowl, partridges, quails, the crested serpent eagle, woodpeckers and flycatchers are also a part of Ranthambore. There are also water birds like storks, ducks and geese at the lakes and waterholes. If you're lucky, you will spot a tiger chasing down its prey around the lakes or maybe lounging in the sun after it has enjoyed its meal.

After this exciting jungle trip, return to the royal Deccan Odyssey. Do share your photo-shoots with fellow traveller over a leisurely lunch, and then get ready to set out for a village safari.

The people of Rajasthan's villages are mostly tribals who subsist on farming and hunting. These friendly folk are warm and welcoming, happy to show guests around their villages, giving deep insights into their daily lives. The women here wear bright colours to offset the drab desert, and most people live in mud huts. Visit a local home and interact with the family.

After a fulfilling afternoon, proceed for high tea at the Sawai Madhopur Lodge, the former hunting lodge of the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur.

After high tea, it is time to head back to the Deccan Odyssey where you can relax with a drink before dinner on board, as the Deccan Odyssey sets off for Jaipur, the Pink City.

Breakfast, lunch on board, high tea at Taj Sawai Madhopur Lodge and dinner on board.

Overnight on board the Deccan Odyssey.

Day 7

Friday - Jaipur

Celebrated for the triumphs of its proud Rajputs, Jaipur - the City of Victory, is set amidst the rugged Aravali hills. Formidable forts, beautiful palaces, mansions and gardens further elevate its beauty. At one point of time, royal parades and processions, in all their splendour, graced these palaces and forts. The city is a colourful oasis in the desert, and you will witness a timeless charm that is attached to Jaipur's bazaars and its people.

After breakfast you drive to Amber fort, Maharaja Mansingh's 17th century masterpiece, which overlooks the striking Maota Lake. The fort is a expansive complex of halls, courtyards and rooms ornamented with stunning paintings, precious stones and mirrors. Then proceed to the Sheesh Mahal, 'Hall of Mirrors', where a single lamplight reflects in many mirrors, and lights up the entire room, creating a glittery effect.

En route to Amber Fort, halt at the Palace of Winds. Also known as the Hawa Mahal, it is renowned for its elaborate pink sandstone carving and an outstanding view of the city.

You will then visit the famous City Palace of Jaipur. This extraordinary complex is known for exquisite palaces, gardens and courtyards, decorative art and carved doorways. The palace museum is home to an assortment of rare armoury, manuscripts, costumes and carpets. Located adjacent to it is Jantar Mantar, the astronomical observatory built in the 18th century by Sawai Jai Singh. An astounding achievement for its time, this observatory till date manages to give accurate readings.

Halt for lunch at a city hotel.

Post lunch you can choose to participate in one of the optional tours. Unwind at a palace hotel spa or roam the colourful bazaars of the Pink city. These bazaars are known for a wide range of ethnic handicrafts produced in the city-centre, and its outskirts.

After your full day tour of the royal Jaipur, return to the Deccan Odyssey for dinner, as it departs for Delhi.

Breakfast on board, lunch at a city hotel and dinner on board.

Overnight on board the Deccan Odyssey.

Day 8

Saturday - Disembark in Delhi

Early in the morning, after breakfast, your journey will come to an end at the Delhi Railway Station. Bid farewell to the royal Deccan Odyssey and take home along with you innumerable precious memories.

Breakfast on board

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