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Premier 1 (Aircraft) - Package Detail

Premier 1 (Aircraft)


Representing the ultimate balance of speed, performance, reliability and flexibility, the Beechcraft Premier I, built by Raytheon Aircraft, vividly demonstrates that business and pleasure in air travel need not be mutually exclusive. It has been called the headway of corporate light jets. Its superior design allows for greater speed and cabin space. In fact, from the exceptionally quiet and spacious cabin—the largest among all comparable light jets—it is easy to forget you are cruising at over 500 miles per hour.

  • Engine - Williams Rolls Inc, FJ44-2A
  • Make/Model - Premier 1A, (2008)
  • Seating - Upto 8 Passangers
  • Range - 3 hours
  • Cruising Speed - 425knots
  • Interiors - Deluxe with A.C. and Pressurized Cabin
  • Special Feature - Only Jet with Stand up Cabin at Lowest Price

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