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Yu-Gharling Resort & Spa - Hotel Detail

Yu-Gharling Resort & Spa

First Class/ 4 Star
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  Chathralep, Chamkhar, Bumthang Bhutan

Yu-Gharling Resort & Spa

At Yu-Gharling (Caravan of Turquoise) Resort & Spa, we passionately believe in providing a five star quality whilst redefining affordability.

Environment responsibility is one of the Yu-Gharling’s values.  To exemplify, the bricks of the resort are all locally made from the excavated soil on where the establishment stands today. All buildings and walls exteriors are deliberately painted with vegetable dye and clay washed, to avoid pollution of the surrounding water system. 

The Resort is located at a superb location from where one can enjoy the breathtaking views of the winding Chamkhar River, temples, paddy fields, villages, cattle grazing, mountains, and the surrounding wilderness.