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Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort - Package Detail

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort

Chowara, South of Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram

Somatheeram, welcomes you to the world of authentic ayurveda. A serene aryurvedic resort by the sea in South India, here you can benefit from traditional Ayurvedic therapy as well as Yoga in a blissfully peaceful environment.

The lush landscape of Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort has the specialty that it has not been altered or modified in any way to build the various facilities and amenities. The resort thus retains its greenery and eco-friendly appearance in a breathtakingly beautiful manner.

Built with eco-friendly materials, the lodging facilities are designed to merge elegantly with the vibes of Somatheeram. Properly ventilated to allow natural air flow, the cottages, Kerala Houses, the deluxe suites as well as the ordinary rooms are built in a classy style to suit Somatheeram. Most rooms have beautiful gardens in the front and provide an excellent view of the sea. 

Rooms are categorized as • Kerala Deluxe Suite • Kerala House Deluxe • Garden Cottage 
 Special Cottage • Kerala House Standard • Standard Room 

The restaurant at Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort faces the sea. Kerala cooking is complex with a large number of ingredients going into a single dish to create unique flavours. Generous use of coconut, vegetables, spices and coconut oil gives the various dishes its incomparable taste

The restaurant provides a choice of about 250 different Ayurvedic vegetarian dishes, salads and juices. Non vegetarian and multi cuisine food is also available here. The live cooking demonstrations at the restaurant unravel the mystery of how special delicacies are prepared and aids in stimulating the taste buds.

In addition to undergoing a rejuvenating experience through Ayurveda, Yoga and a very tranquil atmosphere, Somatheeram also offers • Variety of cultural programmes in the evenings helping you getting acquainted with the various dance, music and cultural art forms of Kerala  • A variety of other options such as indoor games, boating and elephant rides are also organized by Somatheeram • Mehndi designing, which has been found to be very popular among the guests, is arranged once every week • To enjoy your time at the beach, Somatheeram provides beach umbrellas and beach towels  • There is a gift shop at the resort from where an assortment of souvenirs and trinkets can be purchased. If you require properly fitted attire or an Indian dress, there is a tailoring shop which would give you tailor-made clothes just the way you like it  • Safety lockers  •  Currency exchange facility

The Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort is located in southern India, in the State of Kerala. It is about 21 kms from International Airport at Thiruvananthapuram and about 9 kms south of the famous Kovalam beach. The resort rests on the slopes of a hillock facing the endless expanse of the sea and a 600 km long beach

Ayurveda is the soul and essence of Somatheeram, which has been providing Ayurvedic treatment the traditional way for more than 20 years and has rightfully earned the name ‘The Ayurveda People’, being the first Ayurveda resort in the world.

Treatments at Somatheeram take place under the supervision of qualified doctors and well-trained therapists in hygienically maintained environs. The herbal garden with more than 600 varieties of herbs provides the ingredients for various Ayurvedic medicines made with due care and diligence at Somatheeram’s own medicine manufacturing unit.

At Somatheeram, a range of treatments and therapies are offered including basic massages, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Sirodhara, Vasthi, Sirovasthi, Udvarthanam, Abhyangam, Nasyam, Thalam etc. In addition to this, the practice of yoga is used to enhance well being of the body and mind.

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