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Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism


Tourism is a world of opportunities…of meeting people, experiencing local cultures, observing societies, understanding and expressing emotions. When we travel, we open a window, which takes us to a new world. It is our EQ (Emotional Quotient) that decides what memories we leave behind on the lives we touch, people we meet and roads we travel. In every new window, let us lead the way to Responsible & Humanitarian Tourism.

Amongst the many welfare and NGO projects operating in India, we have handpicked a few which are genuinely working towards a noble cause and helping the under privileged or differently abled. It is our endeavor to promote such selfless initiatives and bring them to world stage, so responsible travellers can make informed decisions about who to help, why to help and how to help.

At Travelite (India), we encourage our guests to contribute in kind. A gentle smile, positive & motivating conversations, some interactive experiences, sharing of skill sets and knowledge is encouraged more than any kind of donations. There are several ways to associate and help e.g.

  • spend an afternoon at a centre and Interact with children and share experiences.
  • Teach English or Maths to students.
  • Train students on vocational courses e.g. computer skills, weaving, embroidery, baking, printing, carpentry, tailoring etc.
  • Share technical know how or skills that may be more advanced in your country and can help the under privileged or differently abled in the project.
  • Assist with collaboration opportunities for transfer of knowledge and skills on a regular basis from your country to the chosen project

    Connect with India Touch Lives, Build Relationships & Leave a Footprint to be fondly remembered

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