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BELL 206 L4 (Helicopter) - Package Detail

BELL 206 L4 (Helicopter)

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Evolved from the legendary 206B-3, the Long Ranger 4 is a remarkable combination of power, room and range. This is the ultimate refinement to Bell’s classic design, an airframe legendary for reliability, with the power to perform as you have only imagined until now.

The L-4 offers a comfortable, low-noise, low-vibration ride. This helicopter's strength is in intelligent design, reliable operation and balance between cost and capability. But the greatest value of the new 206 L4 is its virtue of being a Bell, the most trusted name in the industry.  Club seating allows face-to-face conversation and enhances outside visibility. Interior options can be suited to your tastes. A standard bi-fold double door accommodates the widest loads. A large luggage compartment adds to your convenience.

  • Engine - Rolls-Royce 250-C30P
  • Seating - Seating
  • Range - 324 nautical miles / 3.7 hrs
  • Cruising Speed - 130 knots
  • Interiors - Wide opening doors, wide windows and a roomy cabin idea

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