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Falcon 2000 (Aircraft) - Package Detail

Falcon 2000 (Aircraft)


This feathered falcon is the epitome of ‘lighter-yet-stronger’ jets, an inspiration for efficient business jets in the world. The aircraft offers ample room for executive activity, be it for conferences, private one-on-one discussions or business meals. The spacious passenger area in the well designed aircraft allows multiple groupings in adjoining spaces without intrusion.

 The luxurious cabin features handcrafted seats and side panels made of leather. The large windows offer panoramic views.  Falcon 2000 aircraft is equipped with a satellite phone and facsimile, so you can stay connected at all times. For in-flight entertainment, the aircraft offers a large LCD screen and high performance entertainment system.

  • Engine - PW308C engine, developed by Pratt Whitney Canada
  • Seating - Upto 8 Passangers
  • Range - 5.5 hours / 3,250 nautical miles
  • Cruising Speed - 851 km/h; 470 knots
  • Interiors - Luxurious cabin features handcrafted seats and side panels made of leather

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